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All professionals at our practice maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

  • Dr.
    Kenneth Soffer

    has been Dr. Kenneth Soffer grew up in Philadelphia and as a child, he built model airplanes, cars and action figures. His passion for art and craftsmanship ultimately lead him on his career path. He attended Central High School, completed his Bachelor of Science at Ursinus College, and continued to be creative in the arts. In 1986, Dr. Soffer enrolled at the Temple University School of Dentistry, where he diplaced his love for art and science into Clinical Dentistry. During his tenure, Dr. Soffer received many accolades related to his clinical skills including the Stomatognathic Honor Society Award. He then completed his post-doctoral studies at the prestigious Branemark Institute, where he became certified in placing and restoring Dental Implants. This year-long training program focused on Cosmetics, Implants, and Full-Mouth Rehabilitations. Recently, he completed his Smartfit certification in advanced training in guided Dental Implant Rehabilitation. Dr. Soffer has been a dedicated member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Dental Associations, and the American Dental Association. He has partaken in many advanced courses governed by the Academy of General Dentistry as he is always striving to perfect his craft. 

  • Rosemary .
    Office Manager

    Rosemary has been working at the office for over 20 years and is known by all of our patients as a friendly, easy going person. She is knowledgable and trustworthy when it comes to getting things done. You can count on her to maximize your dental benefits and work with you to make your finances a breeze. Rosemary spends her free time caring for her grandchildren and enjoys spending time with her husband 'doc'. If you have any questions regarding the practice, she is always the one to ask as her knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. 

  • Deanna .
    Dental Assistant

    Deanna has worked at the office for almost 20 years and has served as the head dental assistant for what seems like the most part of her career. She is understanding of patients needs and has a keen eye for making everyone feel at ease. Deanna is well versed in all facets of dentistry and all of us at the office marvel at her talents. We often refer to her as 'Dr. Deanna' as her knowledge in the dental field is immense. On weekends, Deanna loves to spend time with her wonderful family and takes pride in their accomplishments.  

  • Jane .
    Dental Hygienist

    Jane has been working at the office for almost 20 years and is an expert hygienist with a gentle touch. Besides being proficient in hygiene, she is compassionate and understanding of your dental needs. Jane holds several certificates and is licensed in local anesthesia, but most importantly she is a caring and confident practitioner. On her free time, you might find Jane taking a pottery class to keep her artistic juices flowing. If you need someone to talk to, Jane is a great listener and a good soul.  

  • Susan .
    Dental Hygienist

    Susan is a new face in the office but has loads of experience in the dental field. She has been treating patients for over 35 years and still treats her patients as if it were her first day . Her dedication to oral health and her attention to detail along with a gentle touch has made her an excellent addition to our dental team.  She looks forward to meeting you at your next cleaning and welcomes every single patient with a smile! Residing in Washington Township for the last 25 years, Susan and her husband have raised three sons and just recently became grandparents. If not with family, she prefers her toes in the sand and a book in her hand.  Gardening is a favorite pastime or an Arts and Craft project to keep her busy. 

  • Colleen .
    Dental Hygienist

    Colleen has been working at the office on and off for almost 15 years and enjoys her job. Colleen is proficient in hygiene, and takes pride in making you comfortable in the chair. She has a perky disposition and great personality to go along with her easy demeanor. If you want someone who is gentle and makes the time go fast while you are in the chair, Colleen is your choice!

  • Carla .
    Implant Coordinator

    Carla has had over 20 years of experience in the dental office and is always there to provide a helping hand. Her expertise in treatment coordination and patient care has lead her to become our offices goto person when it comes to treatment planning. Carla is a top notch problem solver and will do everything in her ability to help you with your experience at the office. Your in good hands if she is your contact person!

  • Lauren .
    Dental Assistant

    Lauren is raring to go as she is the youngest member of our staff. But don't be fooled by her youthful face, Lauren is mature beyond her years. Whether it be a helping hand or someone to chat with during down time, Lauren possesses a multitude of knowledge. Her sweet demeanor and soft disposition will win you over every time you visit the office. 

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