Virtual Implant Consultation

Receive a Free Dental Implant Consult in Clementon, NJ


1. Take a full-face photo, like a passport photo.
2. Fill out the form and upload your photos.
3. Dr. Soffer will go over your photos with you at your consult.

How To Take Your Photos

If possible, have someone else take your photo. You do not need to use an expensive camera - with the right lighting, your cell phone camera will suffice. If needed, you can take a selfie.

Face Position

  • Take the photo from approx. 3-5 feet away, or extend your arm out as far as possible.
  • Zoom in to frame the photo so your entire head is in the photo, from just above your forehead to just below your chin. We do not need to see below the neck or shoulders.
  • Look directly into the camera with your chin level and straight (not angled downward from above).
  • Smile!


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